EMR Designed Specifically for Pediatric Therapy in Arkansas

AspyreSelect is the result of a collaborative effort among

Pediatric Therapists, LEA Supervisors, and Arkansas Medicaid

Billers to develop a turn-key solution to pediatric therapy.

  • Create, edit, and store all patient’s records online and access them anytime in a secure, HIPAA compliant environment.
  • Built-in, customizable goal banks and quick phrases reduce time spent on documentation.
  • Electronic signatures
School Districts
  • Allows LEA Supervisors, Administration, and special education staff open access to therapy documentation and billing activity.
  • Links therapy activities to student IEP goals
  • Strengthens compliance with ADE and Medicaid.
Clinic Owners
  • Built-in reports provide management insights and create accountability.
  • Billing claims are automatically generated and scrubbed from therapy documentation.
  • Clock-in System to track work hours.

A Secure, comprehensive and up-to-date EMR for Therapists

AspyreSelect is designed and well tested by many OTs, PTs, SLPs and their assisstants. It maps the therapy workflow fluently. Therapists can create, edit and store all patient's records securely and access them anytime in a secure HIPAA compliant environment. Therapists can select from the most recent standard assessments to evaluate, record results and create treatment plans for each patient.

  • Developed to include demands of school Medicaid requirements
  • Increases accountability for providers
  • Ability to view various detailed reports of treatments/evaluations
  • An electronically signed record that displays therapy evaluations and progress notes
  • Clock-in System to track work hours

  • Internal capability to communicate via email
  • Specific Customer Reports
  • Support staff and trainings readily available
  • Built in DMS-640 Form
  • Web-based documentation and electronic billing system
  • Technical support available
  • Produces monthly activity report by discipline
  • Links therapy activities to student IEP goals

Ancillary Services

  • Maximizes billing collections
  • Specific Customer Reports
  • Billing claims are automatically generated from therapy documentation
  • Time sensitive billing source recognizes whether school or Medicaid should be billed

Pediatric Center Management

AspyreSelect will provide necessary forms and tools to document and bill for other services.
Nurses, Audiologists and Doctors can also document patient's records using AspyreSelect.
AspyreSelect's role is to allow your center to spend less time reporting and entering data, so that you can spend more time with your kiddos. We know how complex your day to day operations can be, so we are able to customize the system to best suit your particular operation.
AspyreSelect provides a seamless system to manage Pediatric Centers in a comprehensive and secure system.